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Final Demand Letter — Final Demand for What?!?!

Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 in Oce Correspondence

I generally try to be a reasonable human being.  Some days, though, the world itself is not reasonable.  (File is a PDF of the letter sent by Oce.)

Oce Final Demand Letter

This is what prompted me to start this blog.  My response is below:

Dear Joshua Edwards:

Thank you submitting a Final Demand Letter (“letter”) to this office dated 04-SEPT-2009 and received 08-SEPT-2009.

On or about 9-APRIL-2009, Carolyn Beahn, Oce Imagistics Accounts Receivable Department, contacted this office regarding outstanding invoices.  It was her contention that this office has unpaid invoices dating back to 2007.  According to our records, those invoices are not open.  Subsequent contacts corrected a problem with a more recent invoice, namely Invoice #718916679 dated 15-APRIL-2009, which was disputed due to a billing error by OCE Imagistics.  On or about 09-JULY-2009, Ms. Beahn provided a corrected total for the invoice, and Check #1374 from the General Account was issued, with funds debited on 24-JULY-2009.

The assertion made in the letter regarding permission to order supplies or service is confusing.  Immediately following the refusal of Oce to provide consumables in April 2009, written notice was issued to Barbara Saviano, Vice President, Administration, Oce North America, indicating that Oce had breached its Equipment Maintenance Agreement and that Bretzel Enterprises was declining any further participation with Oce Imagistics, Inc.  According to Ms. Beahn, Invoice #718895102 dated 26-MAY-2009 was an acknowledgment of the notice sent to Ms. Saviano in that it indicated the removal of the equipment in question from Oce service.  As such, there is no existing service agreement between Bretzel Enterprises and Oce Imagistics, Inc.

This office has made a “good faith” effort to correct the inaccuracies in your records.  However, we were forced to discontinue regular cooperation as the demands placed upon our staff by your agents became unreasonable.  We will gladly provide the information necessary to correct the errors in your records provided remuneration is guaranteed for the time and materials expended.

In making a cursory review of the available records, I have determined that billing errors and failures to provide service in accordance with the terms of the service agreement, generally by failing to service the equipment within the time frame specified by the contract, have been prevalent since the beginning of our business relationship.  It is unfortunate that your back office support is so inept given the quality of the equipment you provide and the quality of service provided by technicians in the field.

These problems are not isolated to our business relationship.  I have recently become aware of billing errors of over $1,600 that have been resolved by an organization upon whose Board of Directors I serve.  Additionally, the aforementioned organization’s equipment was recently disabled for over a week awaiting repair by Oce technicians.  As I was a party to the original negotiation for that piece of equipment, I clearly recall that service was guaranteed within a four-hour time frame from the initial call to Oce service, and that a “loaner” copier would be provided in the event of an extended disablement due to Oce’s inability to procure the necessary parts or service in a timely manner.  The copier was obviously not fixed in a timely manner, and no loaner was provided.

Following receipt of the letter, I contacted the Indiana State Attorney General for guidance as to how to request an investigation into the fraudulent billing practices of Oce Imagistics, Inc.  Additionally, our webmaster has reserved the domain name, where in the coming weeks documentation of the problems experienced by Bretzel Enterprises and other Oce customers we have contacted will be posted.  Hopefully other organizations will heed our warning and choose to business with more reputable firms.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this email or call me directly at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Brett S. Stowell, MBA
Bretzel Property Holdings, Inc.

Bring on the comments

  1. CharlesBarrett says:

    Oce, Has been trying to charge us for insurance fee’s after we sent over the documentation to show our company provides insurance for the CM4520. So they started taking small Amounts from our lease payment to pay for the insurance, while in the process making our lease payment short. 3 months later I get an invoice showing we are late on the last months lease payments (we were not late just short the correct amount)including late fees. This started in November of 2009 Her comes March and still no resolve.

  2. murchmeteor says:

    I had a meeting today with Damon the Oce sales manager regarding our copymachine but i must give some history first. We have been paying for a maintenance Contract on our copymachine for 10 years now and in Nov 2009 we had a problem with the networking portion of the machine. I reported the problem and got a confirmation number but never heard from anyone. I called to find out what was going on about 2 weeks later and they said that the problem was fixed and the R.O. was closed. I informed them that nothing was done and that they need to reopen the R.O., they said they cant but could open a new case. i said fine open a new case but just get someone down here. 2 days went by and I got a call that someone was coming down and they did. Looked at the machine and told me that it was officially broken and would report back. A month went by and nothing. I called and spoke to Tech Manager, he said they were ordering parts. A day later I get a call from Damon the sales manager and he informs me that they will not be able to repair the copy machine and we should cancel the maintenance contract. I told him we expect the machine to be repaired under the contract, replaced or refund me the maintenance fees. His excuse is they cover the repair and maintenance, only if they have parts to do so but if the parts are not available then there is nothing they can do. I tore him a new azole, went up one side and down the other on this smug, arrogant prk, hung up and called the Tech Manager again. The tech Manager assured me that he was going to fix it but was waiting on parts. 1 Month goes by and I get a call from a tech repair guy from Oce. This guy is great and begins to replace parts on the machine, works allday trying to get it to work but with no luck. He says he needs to order more parts and he does 1month later he shows up with more parts and again takes things apart and does his best but to no avail. Says he needs to talk to the manager and order more parts and he does. Shows up a month later with more Boards and begins to tear down deeper into the machine but to no avail but this time cooks something in the machine that causes it to not be able to be used as a copier. Complete paper weight now atleast we could make copies before just could not print thru the network. He says that Oce will need to replace this machine and nothing else will be done to try and fix it. I am now into this for 9 months without a copy machine (luckily it is my back up machine, unluckily the other machine is supported by Oce). I meet today with Damon (yeah the same smug son of a beatch), I knew him from our conversation but he did not remember me. He is about 21 and accomponied by a 21 year old piece of eye candy with D breasts hanging out of her shirt. I played along for about 5 minutes into our meeting and got down to the bottom line. He wanted me to buy a new machine and continue the contract on my main machine. I went up and down him again and I think he remembered our last conversation at that point. I told him that my company would not be giving Oce another dime and that our legal counsel would now need to get involved.


    If anything else comes up i will update.

  3. nhkraft says:

    We have also had nothing but issues with OCE from the day they delivered the machine- 1 week late and to the wrong address! They orignally sold me a machine that was not fast enough for us, so they traded it for another machine and said they would not bill me for the first machine. We still hang up on the collector who calls for payment of those invoices! Then they bill me about 100,000 copies a month too much on the maintenance, reglardless of the fact that we put in the reading every month. They just ignore it and put in their own and every month it is higher and higher! I have to call every month and they adjust it, but never send me a new invoice! On the lease, they just sent me an invoice with about 2 years of late fees! IF I was late, I paid the late fee that month AND I paid in full the amount they had on the internet every month. I sent a log of payments and their latest ridiculous invoice to the billing representative listed on the invoice, but have not heard anything! I fail to believe that any one company has so much incompetnence. I truly think that a lot of people just pay without paying attention and they are collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars extra every month! Anyone want to join me in a class action?

  4. baadcat says:

    Holy Cow!
    I had no idea that I wasn’t the only one!
    The experiences here are exactly like mine.
    We overpaid. Invoices were repeatedly wrong. They had 2 sets of account numbers for our only machine.
    They sent 1 acct to collections while trying to get us to renew it, while the other contract was covering the machine.
    The final straw came when they couldn’t repair it (no network printing – they couldn’t get a replacement network card) for months. When I finally stopped paying the invoices for their breach of contract, the asked why I had never said anything! It was at that point I found they had misrepresented the machine (it’s 6 months old, take over the remaining 2-1/2 years on a lease). It was already 3-1/2 years old!
    And on and on it went.
    I haven’t heard from them in 2 years, after I sent then a certified letter disputing the debt, but who knows… they seem to keep trying sooner or later.

  5. ocebites says:

    I once worked for Oce, never again. The way management treats their techs is criminal, and they are worst with customers. Oce have stats that a tech must achieve. He is limited how much time he can spend repairing a machine (including travel), how much he can spend on parts, and how many emergency orders the tech can have. Mangers get bonus base on these numbers, so they may change an emergency order to ground, or cancel it all together to achieve numbers. The customer be damn, and the tech is to blame. Sometimes service would be cancelled all together, pending payment.

    Believe it or not, but Oce has gotten worst since Oce merged with Canon. Now parts for anything other then Canon are backordered or not available. Leaving the tech and customer at odds on what to do next. Talking to the service manager gets us nowhere, because all he is worried about is his numbers and nothing else.

    As a tech, Oce is not a sevice orianted company. Oce just want to take the money and run. Stay away from Oce/Canon.

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