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Letter to Oce Returned as “Undeliverable”

Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 in Oce Correspondence

In recent weeks, I have once again had the joy of less than polite conversations with OCE personnel and ludicrous demand notices from OCE.  (I admit that I have been remiss in keeping this up to date, but I intend to be more diligent in the weeks ahead.  I am astonished by the sheer volume of material in the “OCE” folder in my desk drawer.)  Despite the fact that we have not done any business with OCE in over a year, the dollar amounts demanded vary from statements issued mere days apart.  When OCE contacts my office, I am nearly always confused as to which fairy tale I am responding to; at this point I would be hard pressed to identify any consistency in the correspondence I receive from OCE, other than an increase in the creativeness (read “falsification” or “fabrication” if you are not trying to be polite) and belligerency.

In the fall I requested documentation from RMS, a collections agency OCE contracts with, via certified letter.  The letter was received, no documentation was forthcoming, and OCE was silent for several months.  This March OCE has attempted to feed my firm a steaming fresh pile of nonsense (the kind that is shoveled out of horse stalls), and I once again attempted to request documentation from OCE.  This time, the letter was not delivered.

oce return to sender 040510

Interestingly enough, I sent the letter addressed to where Catherine Obarski’s notice originated.  Notice the words “Insufficient Address” on the yellow label affixed by the Post Office — one would normally assume that the return address on a letter would return the piece to its sender.  Like so many other things at OCE, reasonable assumptions are generally wrong.  The good news is that my cup runneth over with hard documentation of other OCE faux pas, and there is now more incentive to get the material posted.

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